CORE Community Services was previously known as Cabramatta Community Centre.

In 1978, Ulla Bartels, a volunteer with the Fairfield Neighbourhood Centre, started running English classes for refugees from Indo-China. Soon the needs of the community surpassed her capacity and assistance was received from the Carramar Activity Group. Later, a group of volunteers formed a management committee and developed a constitution so they could apply for government funds. The group called itself the South-East Asian Community Assistance Centre (SEACA).

The journey begins

In 1980, SEACA was awarded its first grant of funds under the Western Sydney Area Assistance Scheme to employ a part time Coordinator.

Over the next few years, the organisation grew in size as it became involved in a wide range of services and issues and received funding for a social worker, bilingual welfare workers, a youth development officer and a part-time community worker to continue to work in the Carramar area.

What's in a name?

The organisation also changed its name to Cabramatta Community Centre in recognition of the wide variety of cultural backgrounds of the people who accessed the Centre and lived in the area.

Under the name Cabramatta Community Centre, the organisation grew six key service areas: the Neighbourhood Centre, Cabramatta Youth Team, Fairfield Migrant Resource Centre, The Heights Community Services, Multicultural Community Care Services and Fairfield Area Home Modification and Maintenance Outreach Service. These services were still under the Cabramatta Community Centre and this caused some confusion.


In 2015 the organisation underwent a transition with a major re-branding and restructuring and is now known as CORE Community Services. CORE Community Services became a Company Limited by Guarantee in June 2015 and operates under the Corporations Act 2001.

The re-branding has enabled us to redirect our services throughout South West Sydney and not just locally in Cabramatta. The new name CORE is derived from Care, Opportunity, Respect and Empowerment. These are the key CORE values that encapsulate what we do here at CORE Community Services and also evident in the services we provide at CORE Community Services.


Today, CORE Community Services has five key service areas which help not just culturally and linguistically diverse communities, but also the aged, people with a disability, young people and those facing financial disadvantage or hardship.

With a fresh perspective and new structure, CORE Community Services continues to deliver vital services to the communities for many more years to come.


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