Fun Fact Friday: Refugees? Migrants? Asylum Seekers?

Confused between the terms, refugees, migrants, asylum seekers?

The difference between a refugee and a migrant is choice.

Refugees are forced to leave their home country due to warfare, human rights and safety, not economic advantage.

Migrants choose to leave their home country to another country (of their choosing).

The distinct difference is choice.


Welcoming 2019

As we celebrate the new year of 2019, we reflect back on the achievements of the last 40 years of CORE Community Services.

What started as a centre to help migrants and refugees learn English, culminated into a number of service offerings and now stands as CORE Community Services. An organisation that delivers services within 5 key areas, Aged and Disability, Children Services, Community Engagement, Multicultural Communities and  Youth Services

Each service delivers a number of programs, events and services to better our communities of South West Sydney.

We hope this year, to achieve better and greater things, we have a multitude of new programs and projects we are working with and cannot wait to share this with you.


Multicultural Communities

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a global issue.

We at CORE Community Services believe in delivering the message, stopping domestic violence through the work we do. One of our key specialist services is the ability to provide support to victims of domestic violence, but also to perpetrators. This means, we will be able to being the counselling process and also work with the victims and perpetrators on a case management level to see them through their goals and support them in becoming.

Convening the South West Sydney Domestic and Family Violence Conference each year has been a great achievement for us, as a community service. We are able to work with our community partners; deliver an event to support the local organisations, to better understand and provide best practice responses to victims of domestic violence.

We understand Domestic Violence is a human rights issue and does not discriminate regardless of a person’s gender, culture, religion, education, and socio-economic status

Our Specialist Domestic & Family Integrated Service is available for Fairfield City Local Government Area residents, a confidential service.

Youth Services

New Youth Site – Fairfield

CORE Community Services serves the communities of South West Sydney, through our 5 key service areas, Aged & Disability Care, Children Services, Community Engagement, Multicultural Communities and Youth Services. At every life stage, we are a place for all.

CORE Youth Service has expanded their programs, services and reach, with a new location in Fairfield among hubs of other organisations to closely work together with.

In celebration of our new location CORE Youth Service held an Open Day on the 3rd October, for the community to visit and enjoy a fun day of entertainment and food.

acknowledgement to countryChildren's Services

Preschool : Acknowledgement to Country

Acknowledgment to Country is essential to us all, to pay respect to the fact that one is on Aboriginal land. 

In this week’s blog we are zoning into Preschool and their use of the acknowledgement to country before playtime.

Here is a little snippet of what Preschool has been up to. They are learning to reciting the acknowledgement to country, which not only gives them insight to Aboriginal culture

The Early Years Learning Framework which is the national standard of education for pre-schoolers advocates for all children to be meaningfully connected with and contribute to their world, to not only have a positive sense of self-identity, but also to experience respectful and responsive relationships with other people and places alike.

Refugee Week Image

Refugee Week #WithRefugees

Refugee Week commences from 17th June 2018 – 23rd June 2018.

This year, the Refugee Week theme is #WithRefugees. This is significant to us as an organisation as, we are a grassroots organisation. Our history has been based on assisting our local area of Fairfield. In 1978, Ulla Bartels, a volunteer with the Fairfield Neighbourhood Centre, started running English classes for refugees from Indo-China. Soon the needs of the community surpassed her capacity and assistance was received from the Carramar Activity Group. Later, a group of volunteers formed a management committee and developed a constitution so they could apply for government funds. The group called itself the South-East Asian Community Assistance Centre (SEACA). Read more on Our History 


Cyberbullying – How to deal?

These days on social media and just being present ‘online’ – there are many types of unwanted behaviours that are evident. A big concern for young people and teens is Cyberbullying. While this term has been around for quite some time, it has become more prevalent and the consequences upon victims and their families are unjust.

E-Safety Commissioner has enlisted a few strategies and skills to help anyone facing cyber abuse. If you feel you need more support, please contact Youth Services for additional support.

Hands on Steering WheelYouth Services

Learn to Drive Mentor Program

The ability to drive for some people is a necessity, where areas with little to no public transport available, a lot of individuals heavily rely on having personal modes of transport to get to and from work, education and home. While for most people, this may be a basic skill that upon turning 16 will be able to retrieve their licence. However, for some – this is not possible. That is why we have introduced the Learn to Drive Mentor Program. This helps young people have the opportunity to access the NSW Licensing system and be able to obtain their licenses in a safe driving environment.

elderly lady embraced supportAged & Disability

My Aged Care – The Process

My Aged Care and how it works. If you are finding the right care for your parent or loved one. You will need to know the essentials of My Aged Care. We will discuss the processes that clients need to undertake prior to receiving Government funded assistance for Aged Care. This means that you will still need to contribute to receive services.

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