Home Modifications and Maintenance

Hpme Modifications and Maintenance is available to seniors & people with a disability to help improve accessibility and safety in the home.

An Occupational Therapist will assess & make recommendations based on the individuals needs;

Home Modifications

All home modifications are overseen by our licenced builders. If you would like to refer someone who requires our home modifications and maintenance services, please use our referral form.

We understand you value independence and sometimes a little help with home modifications are required, that’s where we come along.

Our licenced builders and Occupational Therapists provide you an assessment of what needs to be done to your home to make it safe and accessible for you to live independently in.

Some home modifications we do:

  •     Ramps to replace steps
  •     Installing grabrails and rails to steps
  •     Widening doorways
  •     Relocating light switches and power points
  •     Removal of shower screens and installation of a shower rod and curtain
  •     Installation of wedge ramps to small lips and steps
  •     Platforms to raise the height of chairs and bed

Home Maintenance

Some of our home maintenance services include:

  •     Lawn mowing
  •     Rehanging doors
  •     Nailing floorboards
  •     Repairs gates and fencing
  •     Replacement of tap washers
  •     Installation of quarter turn lever taps
  •     Replacement of fly screens
  •     Changing light globes
  •     Repairs to cupboards etc.
  •     Minor electrical and plumbing works (licensed tradesmen sub-contracted as required)
  •     Concreting of pathways
  •     Smoke detectors are installed free of charge to eligible consumers (consumers over 65) in the Fairfield local government area by your local Fire & Rescue Service.

Occupational Therapist Assessment

Our very own Occupational Therapist (OT) will visit you in your home to make an assessment.

The OT will visit your home to discuss your needs and observe how you move around your home. The OT will work with you to identify any challenges you are currently having and make recommendations for your safety & wellbeing.

Make a Referral today

Make a referral today, download our referral form

Safety Ensured

With proper consultation with our Occupational Therapist and Licenced builders


Not for profit organisation providing quality services that is afforable

Licenced builders

Our licenced builders and tradesmen are there to provide quality work. Guarantee satisfaction

Caring and Quality service

From your initial interaction we will provide quality customer service from start to finish

One Stop Shop

From start to finish we can provide you with your safety needs

Occupational Therapist

We ensure an easy and smooth process so that you are living independently and safely in your home with our qualified Occupational Therapist

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