Young People (13 - 17 years)

Parenting is like watching a caterpillar become a butterfly. The transition from child to a teenager looks different for everyone.

It is important to recognise the individual uniqueness of each person, and that is why from your first initial consultation, we work with you to develop personalised plans to best meet the individual needs, goals and aspirations for their life.

Our main goal is helping each young person reach their potential and how that may look like for them.

At CORE, we recognise that teenage years play a pivotal role in shaping young people into the adult they aspire to be.

We can coordinate a number of activities and programs to support their goals to achieve what they set out to through our services.

How we can provide support?

Home Modifications and Maintenance

Coordination of Supports

Skills for Independence

Social and Recreational Activities

Allied Health Services

We support people from all ages

Children (5-12years)

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Young people (13-17 years)

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Adults (18+)

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For more information

If you have any questions, please book an appointment and free consultation with our Disability team on (02) 8717 1500 or email at

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