Breathless Web Series – #NoMoreButts

Breathless Web Series

A stylised web series based on common themes explored through community consultations

Jamal is worried about his younger brother Adel. Adel is a smoker who ignores Jamal’s efforts to get him to attend social support group sessions to quit smoking. Finally, Jamal hands Adel a pamphlet that explains in Arabic the impact of smoking and how to get help to kick the habit.

Kenny’s grandmother has lung cancer, but she has never smoked. Kenny learns that passive smoking by breathing in second-hand smoke from smokers can seriously affect family members or those nearby. He takes steps to quit smoking.

Tam says she is not really a smoker because she only smokes when she is stressed out or nervous. A counsellor tells Tam there is no such thing as ‘safe smoking’ and that smoking during pregnancy can affect the health of a baby. Tam explores her options for quitting.

Breathless Web Series

A stylised web series based on common themes explored through community consultations

No More Butts

Click here to find out more abou the No More Butts Campaign

Early Learners Resource Pack

As news develops around COVID-19, we are still open! However in preparation for families who are concerned we have you sorted!

Our team have created a CORE Community Services Preschool families with a resource pack.

We have included a number of items to encourage problem solving and parent participation. Our team will also be there to assist and support you, do not hesitate to contact us or pop by, we are still open!

To download please click here

Useful Resources:


Tips to keep safe this Christmas

Happy Holidays! Be sure to keep safe this season!

Some tips if you are traveling this holiday season
1. Keep all doors and windows locked! 🏡
2. Have a family member or friend attend to your house to keep your home looking occupied and collect mail. 📬
3. Turn off your main water supply. Leaks happen. 🚿
4. Unplug all electronics. Yep, even if they’re not on, your electronics are energy vampires. 💡
5. Don’t leave a hide-a-key.🔑
6. If you are gone for a while, have someone mow the lawn/shovel the driveway
7. Don’t leave spare keys out (This counts for car keys)
8. Keep your social media limited to your “holiday posts”, burglars are now using social media to identify those who are on holiday and target them. (Your geotagging at home snaps will enable them to locate you at your residence)

We hope you stay safe and have a lot of laughter and love this holiday season!


Honouring and celebrating, a place for all.

CORE Community Services has celebrated their 40 years of serving the communities of South West Sydney with an unforgettable evening on 1st November 2019.

The evening’s theme “A place for all” showcased client stories and performances along with art works from the various groups run by CORE. Benjamin Law was a fabulous Master of Ceremonies and keynote speaker, Professor Kevin Dunn spoke with great passion on multiculturalism, immigration and settlement and the issues facing new entrants to Australian society.

home care package - sam and youngAged & Disability

What is a home care package?

A home care package is a coordinated package of care and services to help you to live independently in your own home for as long as you can. Some people receive services through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and are then assessed for a home care package. Others will start with a home care package.

home care package - sam and young
home care package Mr. Young & Sam

Welcoming 2019

As we celebrate the new year of 2019, we reflect back on the achievements of the last 40 years of CORE Community Services.

What started as a centre to help migrants and refugees learn English, culminated into a number of service offerings and now stands as CORE Community Services. An organisation that delivers services within 5 key areas, Aged and Disability, Children Services, Community Engagement, Multicultural Communities and  Youth Services

Each service delivers a number of programs, events and services to better our communities of South West Sydney.

We hope this year, to achieve better and greater things, we have a multitude of new programs and projects we are working with and cannot wait to share this with you.


Multicultural Communities

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a global issue.

We at CORE Community Services believe in delivering the message, stopping domestic violence through the work we do. One of our key specialist services is the ability to provide support to victims of domestic violence, but also to perpetrators. This means, we will be able to being the counselling process and also work with the victims and perpetrators on a case management level to see them through their goals and support them in becoming.

Convening the South West Sydney Domestic and Family Violence Conference each year has been a great achievement for us, as a community service. We are able to work with our community partners; deliver an event to support the local organisations, to better understand and provide best practice responses to victims of domestic violence.

We understand Domestic Violence is a human rights issue and does not discriminate regardless of a person’s gender, culture, religion, education, and socio-economic status

Our Specialist Domestic & Family Integrated Service is available for Fairfield City Local Government Area residents, a confidential service.

acknowledgement to countryChildren's Services

Preschool : Acknowledgement to Country

Acknowledgment to Country is essential to us all, to pay respect to the fact that one is on Aboriginal land. 

In this week’s blog we are zoning into Preschool and their use of the acknowledgement to country before playtime.

Here is a little snippet of what Preschool has been up to. They are learning to reciting the acknowledgement to country, which not only gives them insight to Aboriginal culture

The Early Years Learning Framework which is the national standard of education for pre-schoolers advocates for all children to be meaningfully connected with and contribute to their world, to not only have a positive sense of self-identity, but also to experience respectful and responsive relationships with other people and places alike.

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