The ability to drive for some people is a necessity, where areas with little to no public transport available, a lot of individuals heavily rely on having personal modes of transport to get to and from work, education and home. While for most people, this may be a basic skill that upon turning 16 will be able to retrieve their licence. However, for some – this is not possible. That is why we have introduced the Learn to Drive Mentor Program. This helps young people have the opportunity to access the NSW Licensing system and be able to obtain their licenses in a safe driving environment.

The Greenlight Movement partnered CORE Community Services to provide opportunities to disadvantaged young people who do not have family/parental support to access the NSW Licensing systems, with the “Learn to Drive Mentor Program”.

This program pairs young people with community volunteers who commit to supervise them for a two hour driving session once a week in a fully insured Greenlight car, so they can accumulate 120 hours of on the road driving experience required to sit the NSW provisional driver licence test. Young people are also provided with up to ten additional professional driving sessions with a trained instructor and/or the Safer Driving Course to give them the skills to drive safely and also pass the test.

Volunteers will receive training and support on supervising learner drivers and working with young people.

If you are interested in applying to become a driving mentor, and be a part of this program.
Please contact (02) 9331 2691 or email