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The Feedback and Complaints policy can be viewed here

How to make a complaint or feedback?

To make a complaint or provide feedback:

  1. Where possible, clients will be asked to forward their compliments in writing on the QA-FORM 001 Feedback and Complaints Form including details from emails, or letters from the client.
  2. Quality Assurance Coordinator will investigate the situation.
  3. Complainant will be contacted and advised of the investigation.
  4. A result of the investigation will be advised to the service manager and also the complainant on actions moving forward.

You can also fill in the online form below or you can download the form and send it to

CORE Community Services
165 Railway Parade
Cabramatta NSW 2166

[Corner Railway Parade
and McBurney Road]

Give feedback

Feedback Form

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    Have you discussed this with a staff member?

    If yes, please specify details:

    If no, please state reason why?

    What would be your preferred outcome and how do you think this complaint can be resolved?

    Contact Details:
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