My Aged Care and how it works. If you are finding the right care for your parent or loved one. You will need to know the essentials of My Aged Care. We will discuss the processes that clients need to undertake prior to receiving Government funded assistance for Aged Care. This means that you will still need to contribute to receive services.

To receive government funding to assist with aged care service, you will need to register through MyAgedCare
From here you will get assessed for eligibility to access services such as:

  • personal care like help getting dressed
  • transport
  • modifications to your home, such as hand rails or ramps
  • nursing, physiotherapy and other care
  • meals and help with cooking
  • household jobs like cleaning or gardening
  • equipment like walking frames
  • social activities.
Short-term help
  • when you have had a setback and want to get your independence back
  • recovery from an accident or illness, including after a hospital stay
  • when you or your carer needs a break (respite care).
Care in an aged care home
If you find you need ongoing help with day-to-day tasks or health care, an aged care home lets you live in a supported environment where help is available 24 hours a day.


After you receive your assessment outcome, during this waiting period. You are able to figure out which service provider would best fit you and your loved one. It would be best to approach services and understand what they can provide and what fees are associated with the care level plans agreed upon.

This saves you time from doing the running around as soon as you are receive the funding associated to the care.