Our very own Business Development Manager, Jose will be participating in the Ultra Trail Australia 100km. Undertaking vigorous training in the lead up for this event.

The fundraiser will go towards CORE Community Service’s Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Service to continue to provide ongoing support to the community. In the last year, access to DFV service quadrupled during COVID-19, which shows the presence of Domestic Violence happening in the community. With Fairfield Police stating that 60% of calls are concerning Domestic and Family Violence matters – Fairfield Local Government Area has one of the highest prevalence of Domestic & Family Violence matters.


CORE Community Services wants to ensure the community of Fairfield are able to continue receiving support by having the resources available to its service.

What can you do?

Simply share or donate this page or our gofundme page to spread awareness and raise money for a worthy cause.

How your donation can support domestic & family violence services?

Individual Safety Pack – $20 provides toilet paper, pads, panty liners, hand soap, shampoo conditioner, toothbrush, tooth paste, to an individual who has to escape domestic violence.
Family Safety Pack – $50 provides a pack of toilet paper, pads, panty liners, hand soap, shampoo conditioner, toothbrush, tooth paste, nappies to have family who has to escape domestic violence.
Accommodation – $90 keeps someone from being homeless for one night
Food vouchers – $200 feeds a family of 3 for the fortnight
Removalist – $350 (approx) helps victims escape their home.
Security – $350 – helps victims install security cameras and changed locks to ensure safety
Furniture – $500 helps a young child from sleeping on the floor to a single bed with mattress + quilt + pillows
Accommodation for a fortnight – $1,000 provides a family for appropriate accommodation for a family needing to flee a domestic violence situation.

Support Local Causes

With the increase demand for domestic and violence services in the last year, the allocation of resources has been limited to provide the necessary support and services to victims of domestic & family violence.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic and family violence is a significantly under-reported crime and a complex to provide an effective response to.  For many victims of domestic and family violence they do not want to end their relationships with their abusive partners, they just want the violence to stop.

Domestic and family violence involves an abuse of power, an intimate partner relationship or after separating from the relationship.  It extends beyond physical violence and may involve the exploitation of power imbalances and patterns of abuse.

Sources: BOSCAR, 2021; NSW Police, 2021

For more information about this fundraiser, please contact Jose Brosas on (02) 9727 0477 or email jbrosas@corecs.org.au


Read more about why we need to continue to provide domestic and family violence services

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