Juana Reinoso  joined CORE Community Services in 1994 as a project worker and since then has held various roles in the organisation across a number of services.

Juana became the CEO of CORE in October 2014, after successfully holding the role of Service Manager for the Aged and Disability Care Service for 10 years – seeing great changes and strategic overhauls which financially benefitted the service and its clients.

Juana holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Science and Technology and has vast experience in working with disadvantaged, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in South West Sydney.

She has set up services to support elderly people, been involved in strategic planning, staff management, financial management and risk management.

Juana’s passion to advance the needs and empower the voices of the local community, is the reason she chose to work at CORE Community Services and continues to be a driving force within the organisation.

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