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What is a home care package?

A home care package is a coordinated package of care and services to help you to live independently in your own home for as long as you can. Some people receive services through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and are then assessed for a home care package. Others will start with a home care package.

home care package - sam and young
home care package Mr. Young & Sam
Multicultural Communities

Spreading Diversity from Fairfield to Blue Mountains

On Sunday 31st March, CORE Community Services in collaboration with Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) partnered with 8Things local restaurant shared Assyrian culture through foods as part of celebrating the Assyrian new year which reflect CORE’s broader initiative to link newly arrived Refugee and Migrant communities with established local communities.

After conversations about cultures, food and people stories with the restaurant owner. 3 recently arrived Assyrian sisters from Syria prepared and served Assyrian traditional foods/cuisine to the restaurant’s patrons who are also local resident of Katoomba/Blue Mountains region. The night featured a brief history of the Assyrian people, culture, dance, food and fabulous traditional dress and other costume. The feedback provided were very positive and we are looking forward to future similar event elsewhere beyond Fairfield.
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Events in Christchurch

18th March 2019
Events in Christchurch

As the world continues to process the horror of the violence that claimed so many innocent lives in Christchurch. We express our sympathy and support to the victims and families of the shootings at the Al Noor Mosque in central Christchurch and the Linwood mosque nearby. Our thoughts and prayers are with victims and families who are deeply affected by this event.

“In Fairfield City, a home to refugees and migration over many generations, a place whose heart beats to a rhythm of opportunity-seeking that knows no boundaries of land of origin, language, race, ethnicity, a gathering of peaceful peoples pursuing different faiths and common desires, we value our communities that we serve and represent.”

“We stand in solidarity with the communities of New Zealand. On behalf of the communities we serve and represent, we stand strong against discrimination and injustices for which there is no place in today’s society. Our prayers and thoughts are with you New Zealand” stated Juana Reinoso, CEO, CORE Community Services.

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Better Together – Fairfield City Settlement Action Plan

Better Together: Sharing our achievements and lessons

February, 25 2019
Fairfield Youth & Community Centre, 55 Vine Street, Fairfield
Statement by Shama Pande, Service Manager, Multicultural Communities of CORE Community Services

Two and half years ago Fairfield City embarked on a journey of collaboration, coordination and creating collective impact through Fairfield City Settlement Action plan with the main aim of contributing to the best possible settlement outcomes for all refugees and vulnerable migrants group in and around Fairfield Local government areas. The launch of the plan in June 2017 marked the beginning of strategic coordination and collaboration amongst service providers in Fairfield City to enhance service delivery, identify service gaps and establish Fairfield as a leading settlement City in NSW. Fairfield has always embodied the spirit of partnership and collaboration throughout its history, however what the plan successfully added is a collective vision and voice, structured and planned coordination and strength of numbers. Throughout the implementation phase over 20 government and non-government agencies delivering services to refugee and migrants communities pooled their expertise and resources to achieve best possible outcomes through better service coordination and collaboration. As a city and its stakeholders, we recognise this is where our strength lies and this places us in the best position to serve the community and offer the best opportunity for successful settlement and integration. And also successfully undertaking the mammoth task of creating a unique and unprecedented report that has captured and conveyed the essence of our community. Congratulations to all of you in creating a report that reflects and represents Fairfield city as a whole, a report which speaks directly to us about the refugee communities’ determination to move forward including their resilience.


Fun Fact Friday: Refugees? Migrants? Asylum Seekers?

Confused between the terms, refugees, migrants, asylum seekers?

The difference between a refugee and a migrant is choice.

Refugees are forced to leave their home country due to warfare, human rights and safety, not economic advantage.

Migrants choose to leave their home country to another country (of their choosing).

The distinct difference is choice.


Welcoming 2019

As we celebrate the new year of 2019, we reflect back on the achievements of the last 40 years of CORE Community Services.

What started as a centre to help migrants and refugees learn English, culminated into a number of service offerings and now stands as CORE Community Services. An organisation that delivers services within 5 key areas, Aged and Disability, Children Services, Community Engagement, Multicultural Communities and  Youth Services

Each service delivers a number of programs, events and services to better our communities of South West Sydney.

We hope this year, to achieve better and greater things, we have a multitude of new programs and projects we are working with and cannot wait to share this with you.


Multicultural Communities

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a global issue.

We at CORE Community Services believe in delivering the message, stopping domestic violence through the work we do. One of our key specialist services is the ability to provide support to victims of domestic violence, but also to perpetrators. This means, we will be able to being the counselling process and also work with the victims and perpetrators on a case management level to see them through their goals and support them in becoming.

Convening the South West Sydney Domestic and Family Violence Conference each year has been a great achievement for us, as a community service. We are able to work with our community partners; deliver an event to support the local organisations, to better understand and provide best practice responses to victims of domestic violence.

We understand Domestic Violence is a human rights issue and does not discriminate regardless of a person’s gender, culture, religion, education, and socio-economic status

Our Specialist Domestic & Family Integrated Service is available for Fairfield City Local Government Area residents, a confidential service.

Youth Services

New Youth Site – Fairfield

CORE Community Services serves the communities of South West Sydney, through our 5 key service areas, Aged & Disability Care, Children Services, Community Engagement, Multicultural Communities and Youth Services. At every life stage, we are a place for all.

CORE Youth Service has expanded their programs, services and reach, with a new location in Fairfield among hubs of other organisations to closely work together with.

In celebration of our new location CORE Youth Service held an Open Day on the 3rd October, for the community to visit and enjoy a fun day of entertainment and food.

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