No More Butts - Arabic

Meet Jalil, our #NoMoreButts Ambassador.

Jalil Doman’s father died from a smoking-related illness and Jalil himself suffered from severe throat inflections. He started smoking as a young student, but the infections made him reflect on what his life might be like in 20 to 30 years’ time. Quitting changed his life.

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Breathless - Web Series

Breathless Web series

Breathless is a web series exploring 3 individuals who attend a support group, Smokers Anonymous, exploring themes which are common in communities.

Jamal is worried about his younger brother Adel. Adel is a smoker who ignores Jamal’s efforts to get him to attend social support group sessions to quit smoking. Finally, Jamal hands Adel a pamphlet that explains in Arabic the impact of smoking and how to get help to kick the habit.

Double your chances of quitting smoking. Find out how by using our confidential and free service provided by qualified counsellors who put together a personal program tailored for you. or call Multilingual Quitline Advisors in Arabic language on 1300 7848 03

CORE Community Services supported by a community grant from the Cancer Institute of NSW has been working with Fairfield community leaders and their communities since late 2018 to develop programs to educate target audiences from Vietnamese, Chinese and Arabic background about the dangers of smoking and to support people in making decisions to quit smoking and to increase knowledge of the support available to quit smoking.

‘No More Butts’ is supported by a community grant from the Cancer Institute NSW.

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