No More Butts - Chinese

Meet John, our #NoMoreButts Ambassador.

Stress from studying and working set John on a dangerous path – smoking for 14 to 15 years. He cut out the cigarettes last year after many failed attempts. Constant coughing, trouble breathing, weight loss and feeling weak took its toll. His secret is to keep busy to feel the benefits of a healthier life.

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Breathless - Web Series

Breathless Web series

Breathless is a web series exploring 3 individuals who attend a support group, Smokers Anonymous, exploring themes which are common in communities.

Kenny’s grandmother has lung cancer, but she has never smoked. Kenny learns that passive smoking by breathing in second-hand smoke from smokers can seriously affect family members or those nearby. He takes steps to quit smoking. or call Multilingual Quitline Advisors in Chinese Language on 1300 7848 36

‘No More Butts’ is supported by a community grant from the Cancer Institute NSW.

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