No More Butts - Vietnamese

Meet Van, our #NoMoreButts Ambassador.

His Doctor warned Van that his lungs were ‘weak’. This is his story about how he quit smoking in 1989 citing the real dangers to smokers and their families. The first priority Mr Van says is to make the decision to quit.

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Breathless - Web Series

Breathless Web series

Breathless is a web series exploring 3 individuals who attend a support group, Smokers Anonymous, exploring themes which are common in communities.

Tam says she is not really a smoker because she only smokes when she is stressed out or nervous. A counsellor tells Tam there is no such thing as ‘safe smoking’ and that smoking during pregnancy can affect the health of a baby. Tam explores her options for quitting.

‘No More Butts’ is supported by a community grant from the Cancer Institute NSW.

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