Tobacco Control Project

We discovered there was a number of refugee and migrant clients who used our services, that smoke. As an organisation that believes in the betterment of the society, we thrive on educating our clients on the impacts of smoking and how detrimental.

We understand there has been no direct correlation between refugees and migrant health promotion, we decided to take a risk an apply for this submission in order to best cater to the community. We believe working in partnership and in consultation with the community is what we do best.

We aim to reduce the number of tobacco users in Fairfield LGA within the Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese communities by having a engaged approached that would have direct consultation with the community members.


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How will this happen?

We are working together with the Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese communities - to get involved!

We're holding educational workshops and info-session with bilingual educators as well as running a media campaign aligned with this to highlight the take away learning to the community groups. A framed message that is created by the community will then have community members wanting to be a part of change.


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