Events in Christchurch

18th March 2019
Events in Christchurch

As the world continues to process the horror of the violence that claimed so many innocent lives in Christchurch. We express our sympathy and support to the victims and families of the shootings at the Al Noor Mosque in central Christchurch and the Linwood mosque nearby. Our thoughts and prayers are with victims and families who are deeply affected by this event.

“In Fairfield City, a home to refugees and migration over many generations, a place whose heart beats to a rhythm of opportunity-seeking that knows no boundaries of land of origin, language, race, ethnicity, a gathering of peaceful peoples pursuing different faiths and common desires, we value our communities that we serve and represent.”

“We stand in solidarity with the communities of New Zealand. On behalf of the communities we serve and represent, we stand strong against discrimination and injustices for which there is no place in today’s society. Our prayers and thoughts are with you New Zealand” stated Juana Reinoso, CEO, CORE Community Services.

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