Partnership program between community based organisations, lead by CORE Community Services, Youth Service, which is focusing on providing accommodation and support to homeless and at risk young people under 25 across the South West Sydney region, with an emphasis upon those aged 12 – 18.

The Numbers...

‘It is estimated at approximately over 25 000 young people aged 12 – 24 are sleeping it rough.’ (Homelessness Australia, 2017)

Our aim is to minimise the numbers and assist young people within South West Sydney.

Community Education

We respect young people from all cultural backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, and gender diversities, and will support young people, regardless of health status, difficult behaviours or mistakes that they may have made.

‘We believe that every young person has the right to secure housing, personal safety and an opportunity to build a future for themselves.’

Key Principle Practices

  • An integrated response that requires robust communications between our staff and mainstream partners, and also our co-case management partners.
  • A tailored and individualised approach, that identifies a strengths based principle and trauma informed approach.
  • Empowerment of young people to take an active role in identifying goals and activities, develop confidence and skills to advocate well as contributing their ideas to the work of UpFront.
  • A “whole of community” response to youth homelessness that includes connecting young people with education, local businesses, family, friends and their communities.
  • A strong emphasis on Early Intervention and Prevention in order to reduce the numbers of young people entering the homelessness system.


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