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Imagine Welcoming Communities

For Refugee Week 2020: Year of Welcome, we asked 5 leaders to talk about what they imagine a welcoming community for refugees would be?
When you imagine it allows you to think beyond our current systems…and allows you to create a vision for a better future

CORE Community Services is major sponsor for Refugee Week. Our grassroots stemmed over 40 years ago from our founder, Ulla Bartels supporting south-east Asian refugees and migrants to learn English. From there, we have grown and continue to refugees and migrants in our community.

Get Inspired

How will you contribute to a welcoming community? Some ideas below to inspire you to contribute towards a welcoming community.

Listen to Our Stories

Stories are powerful and have the ability for us to develop greater understanding, empathy and compassion for each other.

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Be a Volunteer or Mentor

Local Charities, religious organisations, community organisations provide valuable support and services to vulnerable groups in the community and rely on the support of volunteers.

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Support Refugees in Employment and Business

Giving people the support they need to integrate and become productive members of our society in turn strengthens and enriches the welcoming community, both socially and economically.

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Join that committee

Joining a local group or network is one way on of getting involved with community life.

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Learn and support organisations who assist refugees and people seeking asylum

Supporting organisations that assist refugees and migrants

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Become a community champion

A Community Champion is an individual, school, church group or team who are passionate about creating change and making the world a better place.



Refugee Week celebrates the contributions of refugees to create a culture of welcome throughout the country. The celebration is to create better understanding between different communities, enabling refugees to live in safety and to continue making a valuable contribution to our home, Australia.

Our Stories

we asked 5 inspirational people to talk about what they imagine a welcoming community for refugees is…

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