Did you know we have been supporting refugees and migrants since 1979, providing English conversations? From settlement services to language support, employment assistance, and cultural integration initiatives, CORE Community Services is dedicated to helping refugees find freedom and build a brighter future in Australia.

Refugee Week reminds us of the collective responsibility we share in creating a welcoming and inclusive society. We invite individuals, businesses, and organisations to join us in our mission to empower refugees and create lasting change. Whether through volunteering, donations, or collaborative partnerships, your support can make a significant impact on the lives of those seeking refuge.

Together, we can help refugees find freedom, hope, and a brighter future in Australia.

A Glimpse into Refugee Journeys: #FreedomWithCore

We are committed to providing comprehensive support and assistance to refugees during their settlement process. We believe in the transformative power of freedom and the right for everyone to live a life free from persecution and fear.

That is why we are excited to introduce #FreedomWithCORE, an organisational campaign that highlights the incredible stories of refugees who have found freedom, security, and a sense of belonging with the help of our services. Through #FreedomWithCORE, we aim to amplify the voices of those who have overcome adversity and celebrate their achievements.

We will be sharing these stories across our social media throughout Refugee Week.

Simon Sogora

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Dhafner Shano

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Heba Jabbori

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Amjad Nafea

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Hilda Guzman

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Ghazi Lazer

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Zayd Naeem

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Dr. Reivan

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