Routines are a great starting point in instilling for young children.  

Some benefits of routines: 

  • Provides children with a plan 
  • Time and place for experiences 
  • Active citizen of the community I.e. respect and morals 
  • Responsibilities I.e. pack away and cleaning after play and belongings 
  • Actively prepares children for school. 
  • Hygiene practices I.e. hand washing, nose blowing etc.  
  • Recycling and gardening 
  • Prepares for childhood – adulthood. Even as adults we have routines to make our life simpler 

At CORE Community Services Preschool we have daily routines, we adopt these in our learning to prepare our children to be “big school” ready by the time they are finished with Preschool. This is a continual practice that starts from day 1 with our Preschool. 

Did you know that a sleep routine helps strengthens your child’s immunity, brain development (cognitive and motor skills) also improvement of moods? (Raising children, 2018)