Support Refugees in Employment and Business

Giving people the support they need to integrate and become productive members of our society in turn strengthens and enriches the welcoming community, both socially and economically. Refugees contribute as workers, entrepreneurs, consumers, taxpayers, volunteers and investors.

The following websites and resources were chosen as they give employers and the general community, information on the benefits of supporting refugees in employment, and also practical ways that this can occur. 
    Hiring and Employing Migrants and Refugees

    Humans Like Us

    Humans Like Us are contributing to social cohesion by building the capacity of employers and consumers to support refugees in their working lifeHumans Like Us wants to improve the integration of refugees into Australia’s workforce. The webpage operates as open source platform where collective knowledge can be shared between people who support refugees in their working life – in the business, community and government sectors.  

    The Refugee Employment Support Program (RESP)

    The Refugee Employment Support Program (RESP) is a NSW State Government Initiative deliver by Settlement Services International. The program addresses the challenges that are experienced by refugees and people seeking asylum in finding sustainable and skilled employment opportunities. It also establishes partnerships with Employers and provides advice and information in supporting refugees in employment.

    Regional Opportunities Australia’s

    Regional Opportunities Australia’s role is to identify regional areas that have employment and business opportunities. It also identifies migrants and refugees who are excited to take up those opportunities and assists them in getting job and business ready, moving to, and calling regional Australia home.

    Australian Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees

    Australian Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees is a practical toolkit intended to help employers who are interested in hiring refugees but don’t know where to start. employers who have already welcomed refugees into their workforce were consulted in the development of the toolkit to ensure that it would be both actionable and realistic. The guide contains important information about the logistics and practicality of hiring refugees in Australia and guidance on how to design and implement refugee employment programs to be mutually successful for employers and refugees alike.

     Migration Toolkit

    The Migration Toolkit provides information for rural and regional communities looking to settle migrants, entrant on skilled visas or on humanitarian grounds who have come from large Australian cities or overseas. In the development if this toolkit, interviews were conducted with community champions who have initiated a supportive process of regional settlement, with little to no formal guidance.

    Refugee Talent

    Refugee Talent is a nationwide digital employment matching service helping employers find employees from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

    Career Seekers

    Career Seekers assists humanitarian who help have tertiary qualifications to find work in the fields they trained for back in their home countries, and also support university students to complete internships in their study breaks each year. For 12 weeks, participants work in corporate jobs in their areas of expertise. The program aims to provide pre, mid, and post support to those individuals and employer partners who require it. The program also provides a low-risk proposition for employers as the commitment is capped.

    Support a Social Enterprise

    You can support a social enterprise by using their service, or purchasing their products. Some also need volunteers to support them. 

    The Bread and Butter Project 

    Australia’s first social enterprise bakery, they invest 100% of there profits into helping shape the lives of those seeking refuge and asylum. They thrive because of your love for bread and for humanity. 

    Lentil as Anything

    For the past 20 years they have been providing healthy food to Melbourne and Sydney, making sure those who cannot pay for a meal are able to share a table with those who can.

    House of Welcome catering 

    Delicious culture and fusion-inspired cuisine for all private and corporate events. Led by an internationally-renowned Head Chef. Their creations include finger food, hot food bowls, share platters, sandwiches, soups and sweets. 

    Angkor Flowers 

    Angkor Flowers deliver flowers and gift hampers Sydney wide, providing same day delivery 

    Angkor Flowers is a social enterprise employing women from migrant and refugee backgrounds with a low level of education and access to employable opportunities. Women who were raised in cultures where their role y involved household duty, propriety and obedience are given hope through Angkor Flowers. Founder and Managing Director Sophea Chea began Angkor flowers giving these women job, employment skills and training to boost confidence and personal development skills. 

    The Social Outfit 

    The Social Outfit is a fashion label with a difference. They are a registered charity and social enterprise whose purpose is to employ and train people from refugee and new migrant communities.  Creatively and diversity is celebrated through fashion, and they believe this creativity can lead to learning and empowerment.  

    For more social enterprises check out our friends at Human’s Like Us 

    Government Subsidies

    Government subsidies  

    Government websites which provide information on government subsidies to support employers:

    Wage Subsidies

    Wage subsidies are a financial incentive to encourage employers to hire eligible participants in ongoing jobs by contributing to the initial costs of hiring a new employee. 

    Community Support Program (CSP)

    As an individual, business or community organisation, you can become part of our Community Support Program (CSP) and help someone in humanitarian need start a new life in Australia. Through CSP you can support applicants and be matched with someone in need, help with a job offer, provide the skills necessary for someone in need to work, or provide financial support to help fund visas and other costs. 

    Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job (RATTUAJ)

    Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job (RATTUAJ) is an Australian Government program that assists eligible participants to relocate to take up an offer of full time, ongoing employment. Relocation assistance helps participants accept work outside of their area by removing the financial barriers that can prevent people relocating 

    Our Stories

    we asked 5 inspirational people to talk about what they imagine a welcoming community for refugees is…

    Get Inspired

    Some ideas so you can contribute towards a welcoming community

    Listen to Our Stories

    Stories are powerful and have the ability for us to develop greater understanding, empathy and compassion for each other.

    Learn More
    Be a Volunteer or Mentor

    Local Charities, religious organisations, community organisations provide valuable support and services to vulnerable groups in the community and rely on the support of volunteers.

    Learn More
    Support Refugees in Employment and Business

    Giving people the support they need to integrate and become productive members of our society in turn strengthens and enriches the welcoming community, both socially and economically.

    Learn More
    Join that committee

    Joining a local group or network is one way on of getting involved with community life.

    Learn More
    Learn and support organisations who assist refugees and people seeking asylum

    Supporting organisations that assist refugees and migrants

    Learn More
    Become a community champion

    A Community Champion is an individual, school, church group or team who are passionate about creating change and making the world a better place.

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