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Local Charities, religious and community organisations provide valuable support and services to vulnerable groups in the community, and rely on the support of volunteers. Volunteering can be as little as a few hours a week, and can make a big impact of people lives.

Contribute your time

If you would like to volunteer with agencies who provide settlement support for refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum below are some links for you to explore.

Connect with these organisations

Your small contribution can make a difference

    Volunteer with these organisations

    CORE Community Services 

    There are a number of volunteering opportunities available which can work around your lifestyle and commitments. If you are looking to volunteer in South West Sydney, CORE Community Services may offer the perfect platform for you to do so. Whether you are looking to volunteer because you want to help young people, community centres or perhaps you are looking to assist newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants adjust to life in Australia. We’re always on the lookout for volunteers to assist in varying roles.  

    You can also look up the NSW Settlement Partnership tfind out about additional organisations which support humanitarian entrants, vulnerable migrants and people seeking asyluin your area of NSW. 

    Refugee Council of Australia have volunteering opportunities on their campaigns, or with their members 

    SEEK Volunteer is Australia’s largest free online source of volunteer opportunities and is the preferred destination for those who want to volunteer. We are for people who seek to do more. Virtual volunteering opportunities are also available. 

    These are some other organisations you may want to volunteer with:

    Teach an English Language Class

    There are many organisations and charities which rely on the help of volunteers to teach English language courses to newly arrived migrant and refugees, it can be as little as 1-2 hours per week.  both TAFE NSW and Navitas English provide a volunteer tutor program through the Adult Migrant English Program, which provides invaluable support to their students, and great personal satisfaction for the tutors 

    TAFE NSW AMEP Volunteer Tutor Program 

    Navitas English Tutor Scheme 

    Become a Mentor

    Many people may be in profession that the feel that they have lost the ability to help others in more need, and make an impact in people’s lives. Becoming a professional mentor is one way to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Mentoring provides an opportunity to give back to your community. Individuals can provide valuable mentoring because of their profession, or because of similar experience they share with the mentee. 

    For example, person from a refugee background can mentor someone who has recently arrived as a refugeeSimilarly, for professional mentors, they can offer expertise, practical advice and valuable network connections in your professional sector to the mentee.  

    There are many organisations who utilise the skills and experience of mentors to support those studying the profession, and migrants and refugees. Some of these include; 

    If you are located in a city where Regional Opportunities Australia (ROA) operates, you can mentor a migrant and refugee as they go through the process searching and applying for jobs, up-skilling, and securing an employment or business opportunity. Or if you are located in a regional area where ROA is resettling migrants and refugees, you can mentor them as they relocate to your area. They will need support to settle into their new homes and jobs, find their way around town, get connected with local community, schools and organisations. 

    ASRC Mentoring provides people seeking asylum with a mentor, and the program aims to support, explore and expand their career pathways and vocational opportunities by connecting them with experienced professionals that can share local knowledge of their sector and the Australian workplace, professional expertise and networks. 

     Glow Up Careers, provide employment, personal development and leadership coaching. They are always looking for more people who love helping people build self-awareness and bridge gaps to expand their horizons. As part of their coach training, they also assist those who are disadvantaged by collaborating with Migrant, Refugee, Community and Not-For-Profit organisations.  

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    Be a Volunteer or Mentor

    Local Charities, religious organisations, community organisations provide valuable support and services to vulnerable groups in the community and rely on the support of volunteers.

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    Support Refugees in Employment and Business

    Giving people the support they need to integrate and become productive members of our society in turn strengthens and enriches the welcoming community, both socially and economically.

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    Join that committee

    Joining a local group or network is one way on of getting involved with community life.

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    Learn and support organisations who assist refugees and people seeking asylum

    Supporting organisations that assist refugees and migrants

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    Become a community champion

    A Community Champion is an individual, school, church group or team who are passionate about creating change and making the world a better place.

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